What is “organizational development”?

Organizational development is about living true to the culture of your organization. A lot of organizations have difficulty because leaders feel that, if they have an open position, they’ve got to fill it immediately. So they immediately put out a job search and find somebody. “Okay, you’ll do,” rather than finding the right fit.

The fact is that, in many cases, you’re better off to let a position sit vacant longer than to simply fill it with a warm body. It is important that managers hire the right people for the right reasons.

It is not uncommon for many leaders, and organizations, to hire people that mirror the styles of those already on the team. There’s almost an incestuous thing that goes on in many organizations.

organizational developmentOrganizational development is about making sure we are doing the right thing for the organization. It’s not about hiring Bob’s brother because you owe Bob a favor. Organizational development is about living true to the culture of the organization. Culture is Core. Culture is at the core of organizational development. We have to have a strong culture because, if we have a strong culture, then we know how to develop the organization. If we try to develop the organization before we have a strong culture, it’s not going to work.

A friend of mine owns a small company with about 45 employees. He’s doing about 6 to 8 million in business a year right now. His company works with companies that have up to about 150 employees and don’t have their their own Information Technology (IT) department. He becomes their internal IT department and is the IT department for multiple companies. He actually went out and bought a company that was almost twice the size of his because he knew how to run it. Why did he know how to run it? Because he has his vision and mission statement, but more importantly, he has his core values. About eight core values. And he says to me, “Gregg, whenever we get to a decision and we’re not sure what the right decision is, we put it to our core values test. And whatever scores the highest in our core values test, is the one we do.” Because his core values are built around, what? Their organizational culture. It is all connected.


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