organizational development trainingThe foundation of every organizational development training needs to include a number of fundamental topics. We need to understand individual behaviors and the motivations behind those behaviors. We need to identify our unique style and how our style interacts with the styles of those we work with. This is the foundation of every customized organizational development training that we provide.

Individual behaviors affect relationships, communications, conflicts, and overall team performance. Does a conflict arise each time your team meets? How well do your team members make room for growth and relate to one another? Are they cooperative and collaborative on projects? Do they work seamlessly as a cohesive group?

While many consider it the leader’s role to create an environment that fosters teamwork, in reality, it is everyone’s responsibility. Diversity of strengths, abilities, and personalities fortifies a team, and must be honored and respected by each member of the team. These differences impact the way team members relate to each other, and how they respond to different circumstances. If these differences are not addressed, understood, and respected, they eventually infect employee attitudes like a virus, making the team as a whole weaker and less productive. A wise man once said, “Building a relationship is like building a house… you can’t put the roof on a house until the foundation is complete.” The foundation of any team is the collaborative efforts of individuals who work together; these relationships must be developed before a group of individuals can be considered a team.

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