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A Systematic Approach to High-Performing Teams

Keynote Formats: 45 to 90 minutes

Tossing a group of individuals together and hoping they will function as an effective team is a recipe for mediocrity, at best. Productive teams don’t just happen. High-performing teams are built, and refined, over time.

The foundation of a well performing, productive team is trust. Yet trust is not something that always grows naturally. Trust is a quality of interaction that must be developed on purpose, using proven tools and perspectives.


  • Investigate eight critical elements that every team must nurture to be successful in its mission.
  • Discover how each team member’s contribution creates a unit greater than the sum of its parts.
  • Explore Gregg’s two-step barometric system to effectively read, adapt to, and appreciate different behavioral styles.

The concepts and skills offered in this interactive, energetic, and fun session work equally well with all teams, at every organizational level.

Attendees will leave with a series of key action steps that they can implement immediately to improve the chemistry and performance of their team.

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Indispensable Teamwork Skills to Create a Collaborative Culture

Keynote Formats: 45 to 90 minutes

The challenge many teams and organizations are coping with today is getting everyone moving in one direction. This program helps employees recognize the challenges of leaders, and help leaders understand the challenges facing employees.

By ensuring that everyone is moving as one team in one direction the level of commitment increases, turnover is reduced, and morale is boosted.
This session is fun, engaging, inspiring and thought provoking. A number of activities are utilized to demonstrate what happens when the team is moving in one direction.


  • The concept of getting one team moving in one direction
  • Recognize the importance of trust and that it flows in all directions
  • Maximizing conflict to move the team forward to gain commitment
  • The power that getting synchronized across departmental lines
  • The ability to hold everyone accountable without fear of retribution
  • Clarity that sharing knowledge is a powerful tool to the success of the team

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Synchronize Your Team

Breakout Format: 45 to 90 minutes

Do team members do “just enough”? Are they stagnant? Are they just not clicking in the current environment?

Even the best teams lose their creative spark, get off balance, or don’t gel like they once did. The challenge could be as simple as just being out of sync. Getting team members in the right role on a team project is the key. Some people are great at innovation, some are not. Some are awesome at putting the finishing touches on a presentation. Others tend to find all of the mistakes, and are often outcast or called naysayers and viewed as a negaholic.

In this power-packed breakout session, attendees begin to understand what each member brings to a project. Then they start the process of becoming synchronized as a team, and learn how to transition a process or project through the stages of Create, Advance, Refine, and Execute or how to operate with C.A.R.E.


  • The challenges of change and how change can get any team out of synchronization
  • The results of being out of synchronization
  • The five distinct roles to operate with C.A.R.E. to become synchronized
  • The ability to recognize the key team dimension of each team member
  • A simple process and flow of any project to keep the team moving forward
  • How adding or removing team members affects team synchronization


This program is appropriate for every audience.

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Necessary Skills to Leading Multiple Teams While Staying on Course

Breakout Format: 45 to 90 minutes

On an aircraft carrier there are many moving cogs. On the bridge of an aircraft carrier the Captain is constantly focusing on all of the cogs moving in multiple directions on the flight deck below. Keeping these cogs working effectively all the while making sure the ship is on course is an awesome responsibility.

In business, keeping everyone on the right course and getting various departments to work effectively together is much the same and not always an easy task. During this highly interactive session, attendees learn how to integrate core values throughout their organization. When combined with the centuries-old navigational concept of TVMDC, , teams are able then able to chart a course, with powerful synergy and collaborate at every level, and meet their destination on time and underbudget.

At the core of every successful organization is effective teamwork between individuals, and collaboration among teams. Whereas individuals must work together to become a team; teams then need to collaborate together to create a synergistic force. While it is imperative to recognize how individual difference may challenge any team, the most effective leaders, like the captain of an aircraft carrier must visualize success from a different vantage points all the while understanding how to lead and unite their teams, for smooth sailing and reduced turbulence.


  • How to integrate, gain buy-in, and align core values with the organization’s strategic vision and mission, creating collaboration with stakeholders at every level
  • Techniques on how to utilize core values for the basis of decision making on individual teams and throughout the organization as a whole
  • Recognize and understand how to use the centuries-old navigational concept of TVMDC as a 21st century leadership tool, keeping teams and the organization on the proper course and accomplish the strategic plan


Mid-Level to Senior Managers

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Leading & Navigating Workplace Relationships

Breakout Format: 45 to 90 minutes

What is the common thread between the COVID-19 pandemic, an 8.0 magnitude earthquake and teamwork? A potentially devastating impact on a large number of people in a very short period of time. Although teamwork may not be deadly, it does greatly affect employees at all levels of an organization. Awareness brings effectiveness and trust to the team. Knowing your team is a critical management skill. Learning how to adapt is the essential key to success as a team leader or manager.

At the core of every organization is effective teamwork among individuals, and collaboration among teams. Whereas Individuals must work together; teams must come together to create a synergistic culture. While it is important to understand how individual differences challenge any team, effective managers also understand how to effectively lead and engage their employees. These leaders understand how to successfully lead their entire team through troubled times to combat employee burnout.


  • How trust affects the overall team culture, performance and morale
  • Why team chemistry is more important than overall individual skills
  • Approaches to create the right team culture
  • Strategies to help delegate, motivate and develop team members


Management and Leadership at all levels

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Moving From Dysfunctional to Cohesive

Breakout Format: 45 to 90 minutes

This session is taken from Gregg’s training program with the same name and is built around Patrick Lencioni’s book The Five Dysfunctions of a Team. As an authorized provider, Gregg demonstrates how to utilize the model and move teams from Dysfunctional to Cohesive.

While bringing together everyone’s personalities and preferences to form a cohesive, productive team takes work, the payoff is enormous – for individuals, the team, and the entire organization.


  • The power behind building true vulnerability trust
  • Understanding the necessity of using conflict around ideas
  • Gaining genuine commitment versus artificial commitment
  • The strength of holding each other accountable
  • The ability to focus on team based results


All audiences

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Who’s Your Audience?

Gregg tailors his programs to meet the needs of every audience.

Gregg recognizes the obstacles facing executive boards and senior leaders; therefore, he customizes each event to the specific needs of owners, executive teams and senior managers with multiple teams. Challenges include:

  • Gaining the buy-in of organizational culture
  • How to instill the senior vision throughout
  • Building internal trust
  • Leading those who run their own agendas
  • Developing the next generation of leadership
  • Increasing profitability by putting the right people in the right place
Are employees performing at lackluster levels? Do they do ‘just enough’ to get the job done? Is morale suffering at the expense of just finishing an assignment, task or project? Do teammates snicker behind each other’s back? How well do they trust each other? How well do they trust management?
Is morale down? Do employees feel like no one cares anymore? Is management failing to demonstrate that they care about front line employees? What causes different behaviors in people at different times? Do team members provide varying levels of service (internal or external) that results in strained relationships, conflict with management, or a negative image of the team?


Is your organization stuck in a rut? Do your employees work as individuals without a common goal? Does productivity lag as the day drags on?

When your employees collaborate, communicate and function as a team, productivity and office happiness reach new heights. From senior leaders to front line workers, everyone is a part of the team. Get your team together for a team building experience from Gregg Gregory.

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