Through his power-packed programs, Gregg Gregory, CSP, helps you develop the teams you need to produce the results you want. Just like Cold Stone Creamery, Gregg specializes in “Creations,” starting with a few core flavors and offering “mix-ins” to tailor each event to the specific needs of your audience.

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Developing the Right Image for Your Organization

Keynote Formats: 45 to 90 minutes
Download Program: Team-Based Service (.pdf)

Is your organization’s help desk referred to as ‘the helpless desk?’ Are your employees boosting the bottom line or simply draining the budget? How well do your employees serve your clients, team members, and partners? Are they going above and beyond or doing just enough to earn a paycheck?

Top-notch service is each employee’s responsibility — regardless of position, title, or tenure. What image describes your team and the service it provides? Is it a world-champion? Perhaps a vulture or scavenger? Or, most likely, something in between? A weak image increases customer anxiety, frustration, and distrust of the team or organization. Internally, that same weak image generates uninspired collaboration, poor communication, and low morale amongst members, colleagues, and management.

Conversely, a strong image presents a confident, competent, and secure team. Think of precision drill teams. They are made of individuals who perform flawlessly, creating a stunning presentation, resulting in a breathtaking team image.

Gregg’s keynote, Team-Based Service, illustrates the necessity of a powerful, positive, and unified team image. Molding, meeting, and exceeding customer and peer expectations easily fortifies this image. Attendees discover why working collectively as a team delivers a heightened degree of service, winning customers and fans — and ultimately enhances reputations for the department, division, and organization.


  • How to create a culture of team-based service providers
  • The importance of developing the right image
  • How to improve your P/E (performance / expectation) ratio
  • Why teamwork, combined with individual performance, wins every time
  • How teams can manage customer expectations better than individuals
  • Why a strong, powerful, and positive team image can develop lifelong customers and spokespersons

This high-energy, inspirational, and entertaining keynote helps design the teams you need to produce the results that you want. With Gregg’s concepts instilled, the team attains greater focus, enhanced cooperation, increased customer satisfaction, and ultimately, greater productivity. Team-Based Service inspires with anecdotes, powerful stories, and real-life examples of how to strengthen the team’s image and build trust and collaboration with internal and external customers.

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Navigating Workplace Relationships

Keynote Formats: 45 to 90 minutes
Download Program: People Personalities and the Plague (.pdf)

How much does employee turnover cost your organization? Studies by American Management Association report, depending on industry and job level, employee turnover can cost between 25 and 250 percent of annual salary per exiting employee. Here’s some quick math: At a $100,000 salary, an employee leaving your company may cost you upward of $250,000 That’s not just to advertise, interview, hire, and train a new employee, but think less obvious: a loss in productivity, specialized knowledge, contacts, clients, and potentially a diminished workforce.

Bottom line Employee turnover is toxic. So, how can it be minimized? It all comes down to one factor: trust, or lack there of it. The truth is, turnover is just a symptom. A lack of productivity and communication, inability to deal with change, negativity, an avoidance of accountability they are all symptoms stemming from a lack of trust. Negativity in itself is a cancer that obliterates a team’s morale, wounds crucial relationships, and causes detriment to the culture of the entire organization. Addressing the symptoms is merely a short-term solution. The underlying condition, a lack of trust in this case, must be treated to reap the benefits of a productive, collaborative workforce. Ultimately teamwork makes the dream work.

The People Personalities and the Plague keynote weeds out negativity, builds trust and alliances across department lines and creates a positive culture by addressing the following key concepts:


  • The importance of creating core value basics
  • The necessity of breaking the stovepipes, silos and buckets that exist today
  • How to apply the age-old navigational concept of TVMDC
  • The positive impact of team chemistry
  • How trust can affect the team’s culture
  • The importance of mutual accountability

Gregg’s captivating, high-energy keynote helps design the collaborative teams you need to produce the results you want. With Gregg’s concepts in place, the organization prospers with a stronger team culture, a more highly energized workforce, compatibility across team lines, and greater profitability. Through anecdotes, inspiration and real-life narrative, People Personalities and the Plague is designed to recharge the batteries within your organization, build trust and morale and create a culture where everyone plays nicely in the sandbox.

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Who’s Your Audience?

Gregg tailors his programs to meet the needs of every audience.

Gregg recognizes the obstacles facing executive boards and senior leaders; therefore, he customizes each event to the specific needs of owners, executive teams and senior managers with multiple teams. Challenges include:

  • Gaining the buy-in of organizational culture
  • How to instill the senior vision throughout
  • Building internal trust
  • Leading those who run their own agendas
  • Developing the next generation of leadership
  • Increasing profitability by putting the right people in the right place
Are employees performing at lackluster levels? Do they do ‘just enough’ to get the job done? Is morale suffering at the expense of just finishing an assignment, task or project? Do teammates snicker behind each other’s back? How well do they trust each other? How well do they trust management?
Is morale down? Do employees feel like no one cares anymore? Is management failing to demonstrate that they care about front line employees? What causes different behaviors in people at different times? Do team members provide varying levels of service (internal or external) that results in strained relationships, conflict with management, or a negative image of the team?


Is your organization stuck in a rut? Do your employees work as individuals without a common goal? Does productivity lag as the day drags on?

When your employees collaborate, communicate and function as a team, productivity and office happiness reach new heights. From senior leaders to front line workers, everyone is a part of the team. Get your team together for a team building experience from Gregg Gregory.

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