Through his power-packed programs, Gregg Gregory, CSP, helps you develop the teams you need to produce the results you want. Just like Cold Stone Creamery, Gregg specializes in “Creations,” starting with a few core flavors and offering “mix-ins” to tailor each event to the specific needs of your audience.

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Developing the Right Image for Your Organization

Breakout Formats: 90-minute breakout, 1/2 day training, 1 day training
Download Program: Team-Based Service (.pdf)

Think of the last time you received exceptional service. What image do you carry of the team that provided it? What image do you carry of the last team that provided less-than-stellar service? If you’re like most people, the positive service instilled an image of a confident, competent, and secure team. Conversely, negative service conjures up an image of a team that is uninspired, communicates poorly, and reveals low morale.

What about your team; is it evoking a positive or negative image?

What does your service look like today? Can both internal and external customers attest to your team’s ability to serve in a consistent, positive, and results-bearing manner each and every time? How well does your team ensure maximum support by cross-utilizing strengths, specialties, and abilities?

Exceptional reputations are built on consistency, quality, and delivery. Gregg’s power-packed program, Team-Based Service, teaches individuals how to effectively deliver exceptional customer service and why providing that level of service is imperative to the team, the department, and the customer. This workshop helps employees recognize why the level of service they provide impacts the team and the entire organization’s image — not to mention the bottom line.

Team-Based Service revolutionizes employees’ interactions with customers — resulting in an enhanced image and positive experience at every turn. Once the enhanced image is solidified, team members shed hesitancy and uncooperative attitudes to become ambassadors for the company.


  • How to create a culture of team-based service
  • How to develop a better P/E (Performance / Expectation) ratio
  • How and why cross-utilizing teammates WOWs the customer
  • The four traits of effective team members
  • Why mutual accountability is critical to team-based service
  • Effective tools for handling conflict within the team and with customers
  • Why recognizing customers (internal and external) isn’t as obvious as it seems
  • A two-step process for recognizing each customer’s communication style
  • Structuring interactions so team members manage the customer’s expectations, not the other way around
  • How to work with Negamanics™
  • Strategies for dealing with difficult people

Team-Based Service is a real ‘roll up your sleeves,’ interactive, high-energy workshop that inspires, captivates, and recharges internal batteries. It is peppered with anecdotes, real-life stories, and powerful examples of how to enhance the team’s image. This newly-enhanced image builds trust and collaboration across department lines , resulting in lifelong customer-advocates.

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Navigating Workplace Relationships

Breakout Formats: 90 minute breakout, 1/2 day training, 1 day training, or 2 day training.
Download Program: People Personalities and the Plague (.pdf)

Individual employees are the bedrock of every team, and interactions between them can cause earthquakes, eruptions, and erosion, or allow prosperous, lush growth. Individual behaviors affect relationships, communications, conflicts, and overall team performance. Does a conflict arise each time your team meets? How well do the team members make room for growth and relate to one another? Are they cooperative and collaborative on projects? Do they work seamlessly as a cohesive group?

While many consider it the leader’s role to create an environment that fosters teamwork, in reality, it is everyone’s responsibility. Diversity of strengths, abilities, and personalities fortifies a team, and must be honored and respected by each member of the team. These differences impact the way team members relate to each other, and how they respond to different circumstances. If these differences are not addressed, understood, and respected, they eventually infect employee attitudes like a virus, making the team as a whole weaker and less productive. A wise man once said, “Building a relationship is like building a house… you can’t put the roof on a house until the foundation is complete.” The foundation of any team is the collaborative efforts of individuals who work together; these relationships must be developed before a group of individuals can be considered a team.

People Personalities and the Plague helps organizations design the cooperative teams they need to produce the results they want in the timeframe they crave. Getting everyone to play nicely in the sandbox — with cohesive, productive, working relationships — is something every organization strives for. Gregg navigates attendees through his unique process to enhance relationships within the organization.


  • Why mutual accountability makes the team stronger
  • The four-step team matriculation process
  • How trust affects the team’s culture
  • Why the right team chemistry has such a positive impact
  • The seven levels of team empowerment
  • How to create and maximize the use of team core value basics
  • Why generations work and communicate so differently
  • The importance of integrating team vision and mission statements throughout the team & organization
  • How to break out of the stove pipes, silos, and buckets we put ourselves in
  • The dynamics of working with different and difficult people

Each workshop is uniquely crafted to reflect your company or organization. Gregg tailors his distinctive, effective, and powerful techniques to each session. These tailored examples, activities, and dialogs help everyone gain a deeper understanding of individual and team behaviors.

To help you accomplish your goals and objectives, Gregg utilizes a variety of tools, including the nationally-acclaimed Everything DiSC® Profile and The Desert Survival Guide®. A conversation with Gregg will help craft the program that is right for your organization with the tools that will accomplish your mission and objectives.

People Personalities and the Plague’s strategies inspire leaders and members alike to work together better, count on each other more, increase productivity, and ultimately play nicely in the sandbox.

This intensive and interactive workshop is a real ‘roll up your sleeves, get into the mix’ program designed to affect change and create an environment free of negativity—one that cultivates productivity, positive communication, and mutual accountability.

Prepare to address your challenges head on, as Gregg delivers strategies that are vital to organizational development, growth, and profitability.

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Capitalizing On the Five Individual Roles

Breakout Format: 1 day training
Download Program: Synchronize Your Team (.pdf)

Do your team members do just enough get the job done? Is the team’s morale suffering because employees lack synchronization? Are projects completed in an effective and timely manner? What about your team’s error ratio?

Gregg’s Synchronize Your Team program cuts right to the core to determine how effective your team is — and whether individual members are in the best roles for their natural dimensions. As with personalities, we all have different dimensions that designate where we best fit on a team. Just because a team member is quiet during meetings, or fails to provide new and improved ideas during a brainstorming session, does not mean he or she is a weak team player. It may be that his or her core trait is different; but he or she still brings value to the team. Do you have the right people, in the right role, to accomplish the project an effective, timely manner?

The ultimate benefits of a synchronized team are increased morale, greater focus, more productivity, and reduced turnover.


  • The five distinct team roles and the relationships between them
  • How individual strengths and challenges relate to the overall team’s success
  • The ability to recognize the different dimensions, and the value each person brings to a project and the team
  • The ‘Z process’ of a project and how the ‘Z Process’ keeps teams moving in the right direction
  • How communication styles play into moving projects forward
  • What happens to non-synchronized teams
  • Why adding or removing a team member affects the chemistry and process
  • How change affects a project

This program requires participation in the Team Dimensions Profile®, an electronic-based participant profile to be taken 2-3 weeks prior to the program delivery. This profile helps develop the team in such a way that all four phases in the process are effectively covered. Each participant will receive his/her personalized 21-page, full-color profile.

Synchronize Your Team is a high-energy, inspirational and entertaining program peppered with anecdotes, powerful stories, and real-life examples. Gregg’s program builds trust and collaboration across department lines and throughout the entire organization.

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Who’s Your Audience?

Gregg tailors his programs to meet the needs of every audience.

Gregg recognizes the obstacles facing executive boards and senior leaders; therefore, he customizes each event to the specific needs of owners, executive teams and senior managers with multiple teams. Challenges include:

  • Gaining the buy-in of organizational culture
  • How to instill the senior vision throughout
  • Building internal trust
  • Leading those who run their own agendas
  • Developing the next generation of leadership
  • Increasing profitability by putting the right people in the right place
Are employees performing at lackluster levels? Do they do ‘just enough’ to get the job done? Is morale suffering at the expense of just finishing an assignment, task or project? Do teammates snicker behind each other’s back? How well do they trust each other? How well do they trust management?
Is morale down? Do employees feel like no one cares anymore? Is management failing to demonstrate that they care about front line employees? What causes different behaviors in people at different times? Do team members provide varying levels of service (internal or external) that results in strained relationships, conflict with management, or a negative image of the team?


Is your organization stuck in a rut? Do your employees work as individuals without a common goal? Does productivity lag as the day drags on?

When your employees collaborate, communicate and function as a team, productivity and office happiness reach new heights. From senior leaders to front line workers, everyone is a part of the team. Get your team together for a team building experience from Gregg Gregory.

Gregg Gregory is an experienced Certified Speaking Professional specializing in the development of team cultures. Book Gregg today and get your teams rocking!

Gregg’s programs motivate and train attendees to create better teams in the workplace, increasing efficiency and employee happiness.

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