One Team One Dream:

Indispensable Teamwork Skills to To Create a Collaborative Culture

Have you ever felt like you were on a totally different path from someone else? And this someone else is your boss? Regardless of the industry you are in, this is commonplace. “Are you sharing this with management?” is the most frequently asked question I receive in my team building workshops.

You see, too often, management and staff are working from two different playbooks and not on the same page. ONE Team ONE Dream is really two books in one, and to help get everybody on the same page, everyone should read both sides.

ONE Team ONE Dream begins on the ‘team side’ and how to work together. The focus then shifts to the ‘management side’ with key elements for management to focus on and help everyone achieve their goals and objectives.

After reading ONE Team ONE Dream, your team will be more highly motivated and focused to work with each other as well as with management, and management will have a stronger grasp to help develop followers. Everyone will be on the same page focusing on one mission, one vision and one set of values. What a novel idea.

Visualize your team as a cruise ship. Everybody on one ship headed in one direction for one port of call, ultimately reaching your destination safely and on time.

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The GPS of Leadership:

Gregg’s Positioning Systems

Understanding the dynamics that produce and promote a positive team culture is key to successfully meeting your organization’s goals. Gregg’s Positioning Systems (GPS) enable team members, and team leaders, to understand these dynamics and manage the process of creating their own positive team culture.This little book outlines Gregg Gregory’s leadership principles and demonstrates how to weather the turbulent and often treacherous waters of building a positive team culture.

His insights and analogies will help you understand yourself, and your team members, more completely and give you the tools to begin developing a team culture that thrives in any waters.