Gregg Gregory’s unique skills will increase your team’s success!

One of the top reasons employees leave an organization is poor working relationships between their colleagues and their manager.

This unique coaching program from Gregg Gregory with help you discover how to increase your team’s understanding of each other, improve overall cohesiveness, and make your teams rock!

  • Gain a better understanding of what makes your team members “tick”
  • Discover how best to communicate with your team
  • Build a tighter, more cohesive team

Designed for leaders, and teams, of up to 10 individuals, Gregg’s customized coaching program includes:

  • Everything DiSC Workplace profile provided for each team member:
    • Discover your own DiSC style
    • Build more effective workplace relationships
    • Better communication skills
    • Increase customer service skills
  • Group Culture report – geared to help the team leader recognize the relationships between team members and how to better lead the team as a whole
  • Team View report – for everyone to see each person’s unique style
  • Team View Poster, designed for the team to see how they all map out on one chart
  • Gregg’s unique team and leader handbook, One Team, One Dream, for each participant. Written from both the team and leader perspective, this “two books in one” resource will help get the entire team on the same page after your personalized coaching session.
  • 90 minute coaching session with the team leader designed the help the manager be a stronger and more effective leader for all employees focused on:
    • More effective delegation and team member assignments
    • Stronger employee development
    • Motivating team members

This special package, valued at $1475.00 is available here for only $995.00!


Is your organization stuck in a rut? Do your employees work as individuals without a common goal? Does productivity lag as the day drags on?

When your employees collaborate, communicate and function as a team, productivity and office happiness reach new heights. From senior leaders to front line workers, everyone is a part of the team. Get your team together for a team building experience from Gregg Gregory.

Gregg Gregory is an experienced Certified Speaking Professional specializing in the development of team cultures. Book Gregg today and get your teams rocking!

Gregg’s programs and consulting motivate and train attendees to create better teams in the workplace, increasing efficiency and employee happiness.

Directly involve your employees in one of our interactive team training sessions.