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Building the Right Team Culture

Phil Strazzula is the founder and director of Select Software Reviews (SSR). Phil’s work focuses on the human resources sector. During my interview with Phil for The Teamwork Advantage podcast, we talked about the [...]

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Leadership Virtues for Disruptive Times

Tom Ziglar, son of the late motivational speaker Zig Ziglar and President of Zig Ziglar Corporation, just released his book, The Ten Leadership Virtues for Disruptive Times. In it, he identified ten leadership virtues [...]

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The Teamwork Advantage – Dan Gray

Listen to the Audio Podcast here: Strategies for Growing, Engaging and Motivating Your Team Dan Gray is the General Manager of Kotn Supply, a provider of ethically made high quality company apparel. [...]

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The Teamwork Advantage – Karin Hurt

Listen to the Audio Podcast here: Creating, Building and Living a Courageous Culture Strap in and hang on! Karin Hurt left her prominent position with Verizon to help organizations around the world [...]

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