What sort of consulting and training do you provide for organizational development?

organizational development consultantAs an organizational development consultant, there are two different audiences that we usually focus on. Individual and Micro/Small Business.

  • Individual – I come in, as a consultant, and work with an individual to help them discover ways to increase their effectiveness as a leader, and as an employee, in their organization. We explore the culture of the organization and how to adapt within that culture. How to become more flexible and develop within the organization.  The most important tool for this is the Disc profile.  This profile helps my clients to recognize how they can communicate more effectively.  The bottom line is, most leaders, especially front line and second level leaders, got their jobs because they did their job well.  They may not know how to teach others to do the job.  Consequently, they get promoted and then say, “Do this, do this, do this,” without understanding how to communicate with their employees to get them to do the job.  My individual consulting fills in those gaps and helps leaders understand how to be more effective.
  • Micro/Small Business – In this situation, I consult with CEOs and other company leaders of small companies.  We cover much of the same ground that I outlined above, only with a group focus that engages the entire management team.

In addition to consulting with individuals and small management teams, we also provide whole-group training for larger groups.  From front line, blue collar line jobs, trades workers, all the way through the CEO, we can relate to, and enhance the performance, of any organization.

I did a program at my old high school for the honor role students and their parents toward the end of the school year.  Now, these weren’t just honor role students.  These were kids that had been on the honor role since they got to high school.  So I’m in the auditorium of this school, speaking to the children and their parents, and grandparents.  When I finished, people were coming up and asking for pictures with me.  Not only were the kids asking for pictures, the parents were asking for pictures.  And the high school principal said, “I’ve brought plenty of people in here to speak. We have some great people who speak to the kids.  And we’ve had some great people who speak to the parents.  I’ve never had anybody relate to both in one speech the way you just did.”  That was one of the greatest compliments I’ve ever received.  My strength, as a speaker and trainer, is to quickly read the audience, know who’s in the audience and how to work with them to deliver the message that the organization is looking for.


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