How would you characterize effective teamwork?

At the core of every effective team is a culture of effective teamwork. A culture of teamwork typically begins at the top of the team. When employees buy-in to the core value of working as a team, then success comes much more easily.

effective teamworkFor teamwork to be effective, there has to be an element of trust. My father used to say you cannot put the roof on a house until the foundation is complete. If the culture is at the core of an effective team, trust is the foundation of effective team and, until the team has complete trust, the level of success will be limited. Trust is not just with each other, trust flows up and down the organizational flow chart. When trust is broken, the rest is irrelevant.

Effective teamwork also requires a level of engagement from everyone. When employees are completely engaged in the process the team functions more effectively.

Motivation and willingness to succeed are strong driving forces behind every effective team. It is the motivation and willingness that drives members to push when things do not always go as planned.

When each team member takes personal ownership for their own tasks and focuses on the results of the team and not just their own agenda the long term results are amazing. To help drive this, team members must hold each other accountable for the tasks.

There must also be respect for teamwork to be effective. Respect is given; trust has to be earned. In other words, if a new manager comes into the company, I’m going to respect that manager right off the bat, I need to because they’re my boss. I will respect them until they give me a reason not to. The respect comes with the position. Trust is different. I may reserve some of my trust factors until they’ve earned some of that trust with me.


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