What sort of leadership development programs do you offer?

Anytime I’m talking about behaviors and chemistry, I’m talking about Disc.

leadership development programP-Cubed for Leaders – In our flagship leadership development program, I help leaders understand their natural leadership style.  I use an assessment to help leaders identify their natural style, which might be authoritative, participative, or free reign.  This is a personal leadership assessment.  It is important that leaders their leadership style because it affects how they lead a team.

Leading teams – In this program, we explore how to build team player thinking.  It is about team structure, culture, vision, mission, values, things of that nature. For this program, we use the Everything Disc Leader assessment.

Leading individuals on a team – “Manage things, lead people.”  In these programs, we use the Everything Disc Management assessment to teach leaders how to  build a cohesive team from a group of individuals.

Every leadership development program is customized to the needs and goals of the organization.  Call us today and start the process of building a winning team culture in your organization.


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