If you could invest $28,000 developing effective teamwork in your organization and, in three years, see a return of $149,500, would you interested?

Often, I am told that you cannot put a value on the “soft skills” such as team building. This article from PR Newswire talks about a recent study, the Total Economic ImpactTM (TEI) of Teamwork study and found that, regardless of your industry, over a three-year time frame, the combination of income generation and cost saving benefits reflected an ROI of over 430%.

In addition to the benefits mentioned in the article, another powerful benefit is a strengthening of the organizational culture.

In my workshops we often talk about High Pay-off Activities (HPA) and Low Pay-off Activities (LPA) and how many of us spend too much time on low pay-off activities. As someone who works alone, I often fall prey to this.

In my opening sentence, the initial investment of $28,000 includes a combination of licensing, implementation of ideas, and training. So, let me ask you again. Would you invest $28,000 to realize a return of 430% in three years?

Assuming that quality teamwork is maintained, that number will only compound over time.

One Team, One DreamExcerpted from One Team, One Dream by Gregg Gregory

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