There are two ways to motivate employees

Extrinsic motivators – These are motivation methods that have been used for decades, typically involving some form of monetary incentive. This can be cash rewards, gift certificates, etc. Extrinsic motivation certainly works. The biggest challenge is that in many cases, the motivation wears off as soon as the extrinsic motivator runs out. Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely times where these motivators can be very effective.

Intrinsic motivators – Just as it sounds, intrinsic refers to something internal. Intrinsic motivators are powerful and longer lasting than a typical extrinsic motivator. Be careful though! Intrinsic motivators really need to be customized for each individual.

Motivate EmployeesJust as we all have different Everything DiSC® or MBTI® styles, the things that motivate us are equally different. Someone might like a sweet note card while anothers will think that is foolish, or inappropriate.

This article from Biospace offers some great ideas for motivating your employees, intrisicly. I’ve also written an article about How to Motivate Employees, without money.

Please leave your comments below and share your favorite ways to motivate employees, without money!

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