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Creating, Building and Living a Courageous Culture

Strap in and hang on! Karin Hurt left her prominent position with Verizon to help organizations around the world build and live courageous cultures. In this incredible interview, Karin Hurt shares valuable information that will transform your team from one with a ho-hum culture to one that is truly courageous.

Karin began with culture, and this comes from the great author, Seth Godin, “People like us do things like this.” Karin then adapted this definition of culture into her definition of a courageous culture as, “People like us speak up and share ideas.”

Great and courageous leaders invite ideas in. This is the beginning of a courageous culture.

Karin provides us with her seven steps to building a courageous culture. The first four can easily be acted on immediately – on any team at any level. She shares in-depth research as to why organizations are struggling. Then she outlines how to build a cultural oasis and grow; starting with the smallest of teams and expanding to other teams within your organization

Karin creates an acronym around generating ideas. It is simply called I.D.E.A. This strategy helps everyone become strong enough, and courageous enough, to share their ideas with others on their team, especially their managers.

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