What’s your best advice about how to motivate employees?

Everybody is different.  But to understand how to motivate employees, we’ve got to understand their behavior style.  Something that’s going to motivate Bob is not going to motivate Carol, but may motivate Ted and Alice.  They’re all different.  Everything DISC Workplace can help you with that.

how to motivate employeesAn employee that is a strong “I” likes to have public praise and recognition.  An “S” employee needs to have something warm and fuzzy, like a card.  A “C” employee needs to have something that’s written more like a formal letter, structured, on letterhead, two copies, one for them and one for the HR file.  And the “D” employee needs more job duties and responsibilities, not more dumpage of work.

Motivation has to start from within.  There’s only two reasons employees will change behavior.  A need or an emotion.  That’s it.  And we have to trigger one of those two things for them to change behavior.  You have to give them a reason to want to change.  So motivation comes from getting in touch with the person, getting them to want to make that change.  It’s not just about handing them $20 and saying, “Hey, go have lunch.”  It’s taking them to lunch.  It’s the use of a “My Favorite’s Book.”  Send a card home to their spouse or child if they worked overtime.  Something to get the person to feel better.

Take Christmas commercials, for example.  Some of those commercials are so heartfelt.  They have 30 seconds to win you over and get you to feel a certain emotion.  It’s not about McDonald’s selling burgers.  It’s about getting you to an emotion and getting you to feel better so the next time you go to McDonald’s, you’ll call your mother.  That’s what it’s about.  It’s tugging on their hearts.


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