Are You a Terrific Teammate?Successful teamwork is not a destination, it is truly a journey, and a journey that continually evolves and changes. The secret to being a terrific teammate is recognizing that it takes practice, and lots of it. We all have what it takes to be terrific! The big question is; how terrific are you?

Read the following 20 statements and score yourself using the following scale of 1 to 5:

1 2 3 4 5
I don’t even think
of doing this
When I think
of this, I try
to do it
I sometimes
do this if it
is convenient
I usually
do this
I always do
this, even when
I don’t want to

_____ 1. I know how I prefer to be treated at work, and how to specifically ask for that kind of treatment
_____ 2. I have a plan for creating effective workplace relationships
_____ 3. I continually ask myself, “Do I intend on keeping the commitment that I have just made?”
_____ 4. If I screw up, I immediately own my mistake
_____ 5. When I make a mistake, I do whatever I can to mend the relationship I may have damaged
_____ 6. If a co-worker behaves in an unethical or illegal manner, I confront the person without threatening
_____ 7. When I disagree, but feel that my voice is heard, I will commit to the team’s decision
_____ 8. I hold my teammates accountable for their commitments and expect them to do the same for me
_____ 9. I provide honest feedback to my teammates
_____ 10. I work diligently to build trust with all of my teammates
_____ 11. Whenever possible, I help my teammates with their projects
_____ 12. I consider the underlying mission of the team before my personal goals and objectives
_____ 13. I know personal information about my teammates to help build a cohesive team
_____ 14. I will volunteer for new tasks and projects to help both myself and our team grow
_____ 15. I am open to new ideas for the growth of the team
_____ 16. I help my team celebrate our successes
_____ 17. I approach each new day with a positive attitude regardless of the previous day’s outcome
_____ 18. I work on my personal development on a regular basis
_____ 19. I communicate clearly and without hidden agendas
_____ 20. I am completely honest with myself and my teammates

Less than 69 68 – 74 75 – 82 83 – 90 91 – 100
Your results may suffer because it is difficult for you to work successfully with others You miss out on the benefits of working with others and might hurt the image of the team You understand what you should be doing and accomplish when it is convenient to your agenda Very strong at technical skills. You are considered good at relationships and a good teammate Outstanding!
You’re poised for teammate of the year and are terrific at drawing out the strengths of others

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Image courtesy of Dawn (Willis) Manser