Six telltale signs your team is top notch

ARE YOU PART OF A HIGH PERFORMANCE TEAM?Sometimes we think we are on the best team ever and other times we think, “Who are these people I am working with?” A major myth about high performance teams is that they are always self-directed. Nothing could be further from the truth. High performance teams are just like any other team. They went through the same struggles and the same matriculation process that every team goes through: forming, storming, norming, and performing. The difference is that they moved systematically through the process and emerged as high performing. Here are some things to let you know if your team is high performing:

  1. When working in the same area, sometimes it is peaceful and quiet. Productivity flows and no one needs to be talking or showing off or bragging about what they have done. Everyone is about getting the work done.

  3. Your team is not afraid to tackle the tough issues and difficult challenges. Teams that are not high performing tend to keep struggling with the same challenges and issues they were working on six months ago. In many cases, your team gets an adrenaline high from tackling these tough issues.

  5. While meetings are sometimes necessary, high performance team meetings are incredibly productive and may not even have an agenda. Everyone knows what needs to be addressed and consequently issues are addressed effectively.

  7. When communicating, while there is little silence, listening is effective and productive. Responses are quick and to the point and everyone gets to the point without offending each other.

  9. High performance teams are passionate and this sometimes results in loud voices and maybe even a few people pounding on the table during the meeting. Even still, there is respect for each person on the team and everyone recognizes that it is about the meeting and, when a mistake occurs, they understand that it is about what went wrong, not who messed up.

  11. You have fun and the work is rewarding for everyone. High performing teams work very hard and they play equally as hard. They have no troubles in rewarding themselves, but not until the work is done.

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Photo by Peter