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Insights from a Presidential Communication Officer

Bo Brabo talks about the track he took from high school to the White House. He shares how building systems in the U.S. Army lead to him becoming a Presidential Communications Officer and how embracing a values-based leadership strategy enabled him to building high performing teams.

Teamwork – Leadership – Culture. These concepts all have one common element: communication. Robert “Bo” Brabo enlisted in the local National Guard at the age of 17. During his 20 year career in the United States Army he worked in the area of communications. He later became a Presidential Communications Officer in the White House under Presidents Bush and Obama.

In this episode, Bo shares the common traits of communication on the battlefield, in the White House, and in his civilian career working in the boardroom.

His stories are powerful, enlightening, and thought provoking. Don’t miss a minute of this incredible story.

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