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Communication Strategies from a Formula 1 Racing Team

Sometimes you need to communicate ultrafast – like in the middle of an Indy 500 race – other times communication needs to be more deliberate and thought out.  Using the wrong type of communication at the wrong time can prove to be disastrous for any team.

In this jam packed session, Rick DeBruhl talks strategies on communication from multiple levels and how the 2016 winning team of the Indianapolis 500 credits not the fastest car or the most experienced driver, but instead credits the team’s overall ability to communicate in crisis mode. He also shares stories from broadcasting news in the Phoenix Arizona market and an early communication mistake that his news producer used to teach a powerful lesson.

Rick DeBruhl is also Voice of Barrett Jackson Auto Auctions – be sure to check out these auctions by visiting and see some of the world’s greats cars go up for auction on the History Channel and FYI.

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