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Public Speaking, It’s not just for Keynotes or Executives

Billie Shepard is a professional speaking coach who shares secrets from the professionals that everyone can use, especially in the times we are in. She shares key differences from face-to-face meetings and how we should be presenting when conducting team meetings over Zoom.

Teamwork in the workplace is vital at every level of business and it begins with effective team leadership. An effective team leader needs to be “in the moment” when communicating with their team.

In this episode of The Teamwork Advantage, Bille Shepard shares her four fundamentals for focusing on the present moment for any time we speak. These are the same fundamentals that actors use every time a director says, “Action” or the curtain goes up on Broadway. These fundamentals are our body, our voice, our intention and our ability to improvise.

Listen as Billie shares the secrets of when to look directly into the camera and when to look elsewhere while speaking on video. There are times when you may be speaking to one person and times you may be speaking to many on the team.

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