Have you wondered why I named my website TeamsRock.com? To be honest, probably not, because we’re all pretty busy with our own lives. Still, it has a significant meaning to me, and to anyone who’s read my book, One Team One Dream: Indispensable Teamwork Skills to Create a Collaborative Culture.

TEAMSROCKThe term TEAMS ROCK is not only a cornerstone of the book, it’s also a key to forming and strengthening a work team into an effective force. I developed TEAMS ROCK as an anagram to guide both team members and leaders.

TRUST: The starting point on the road to success.

ENGAGEMENT: The best way to realize results.

ACCOUNTABILITY: A key component to resolving work issues.

MISSION: Staying focused and passionate about the assignment or goal.

SYNCHRONIZATION: Working together effectively across lines

RESULTS: The purpose your team is working toward.

OWNERSHIP: Taking ownership of one’s actions is a big step toward problem resolution.

CULTURE: The core of the team.

KNOWLEDGE: Having a shared knowledge base for the team and beyond.

Throughout the book, and in this blog, I do my utmost to detail each of the components above. From building Trust to encouraging a positive work Culture to staying focused on the Mission, I’m here to guide you through the sometimes tricky process of building a team that is based on vulnerable trust.

Whether you’re a team member or leading a team, each of the topics above are addressed every day in your work environment and among the people you work with. They mesh together in an incredibly powerful way. For example, you can’t have full engagement from team members, nor can you see impressive results, unless the team has intrinsic trust and is actively building a solid culture. A team that works well together, that is accountable to each other and owns their actions and responsibilities, can quickly synchronize to solve issues, improve processes, and do whatever it takes to achieve the goals that have been set for them.

Keep reading the blog for more on the importance of team building and the strides that teams can make together. 

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