A Technology Solution for Team Development

Large (and small) companies can improve team productivity across the board by implementing a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) with a consistent, useful interface.

team development - virtual desktopsYou don’t need a complicated VDI setup. One company I know developed three different interfaces for their three major divisions. Each division had a significantly different purpose – administration, sales and product delivery. The company’s executives thought about how these divisions make a company work, and at what points they might interact with the other divisions.

An HR team, for example, would need access to employee benefits information, hiring and separation processes. It doesn’t need to know the sales division’s monthly figures and so HR personnel shouldn’t have access to most sales team data. Similarly, the sales teams need to access their customer relationship management software, get insights into the sales process and performance and so on. They don’t need deep visibility into the product delivery division’s data. Finally, the product delivery teams were specifically interested in their development and delivery processes and in making sure customers were getting the products they ordered.

A VDI can be surprisingly easy to implement, especially for smaller businesses. The larger the company, the more complexity, but even so, today’s VDI services have stripped away much of the headaches involved with developing a stable, uniform interface.

Perhaps the biggest VDI service out there is provided by Amazon Web Services, through its Workspaces service. Citrix, Microsoft and VMWare are also powerhouses in the virtual desktop arena. Horizon 7, Parallels and VirtualBox are also strong competitors to the tech giants.

Another great thing about VDIs are that they are responding to a sea change in the way teams work. Companies that have remote workers assigned to work teams sometimes struggled to make sure those employees outside the office had access to the same resources as those inside the office. Conference calls could be dicey. However, a VDI can provide access to the exact same resources and desktop interface as the in-office team members, and many provide reliable videoconferencing and screen-sharing so that team meetings are effective and productive.

If your company is struggling to collaborate across workflows and teams aren’t performing at their absolute best, look into a virtual desktop solution.

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