Can you make that statement?

We are not living in the age of our parents, when the average person got a job out of high school or college and stayed at the same company for their entire career.

 I LOVE MY JOB!Today, it has been said that the average person entering the workforce will have seven career changes during his or her work life, and that does not take into account the number of jobs or companies they might work for. Why do people make changes? Some of the top reasons include:

  • A better chance for advancement
  • Not getting along with their manager or co-workers
  • Not feeling appreciated
  • Not feeling challenged by the work

So the question becomes where do you rank the love of your job?

  1. You cannot wait to get out
  2. You are somewhat indifferent about your job
  3. You enjoy your job and the people you work with
  4. You are deeply in love with your job and your friends all know it

Can you say, “I love my job!”?

Naturally, no job is perfect and even some of the best relationships experience bad days. We all have aspects of our jobs we like less than others, and we cannot spend all of our time doing what we love to do. Here are some telltale signs that you might love your job. Count how many apply to you:

  • Your immediate supervisor is someone you work with and not work for.
  • You help your colleagues without thinking about it.
  • You rarely look at the clock during the work day.
  • You don’t talk about your co-workers – you talk about the great work they are doing.
  • You don’t view your time at work as “putting in time.”
  • You would recommend your company to your friends.
  • You find yourself talking about your company in a positive light even on the weekend.
  • You don’t think about surviving – you think more about how to achieve your potential.
  • You enjoy meetings because they can lead to initiatives and changes that you can take part in.
  • You think “I get to…” and not “I have to…”
  • You get a sense of fulfillment when you help both internal and external customers.
  • Regardless of your age, you are not thinking about retirement – retirement sounds boring.
  • When you leave work, you are excited about what you get to tackle tomorrow.
  • You don’t want to let down your co-workers because you admire them.
  • You and your co-workers celebrate your successes regularly.
  • You volunteer for new assignments because you enjoy helping others and growing.

How many did you check? If you have:

0 – 4; You cannot wait to get out
5 – 8; You are somewhat indifferent about your job
9 – 12; You enjoy your job and the people you work with
13 – 16; You are deeply in love with your job and your friends all know it

Remember that good days are for average people and, since you are not average, be sure to make today an awesome day – you deserve it!

Image courtesy of Eugene Peretz