20 Blockbuster Movies to Advance Any Team

Greatest Teamwork ExamplesTeamwork manifests itself in many different ways. Most notably, we see it in sports, especially basketball and football. But there are a lot of places to see teamwork in action.

To get a better handle on the whole “teamwork” concept, and find ways to create teamwork where you work, you need go no further than your television or computer. Do I have your attention? Movies are one of the greatest ways to grow and develop. That’s right, movies. Not those boring training movies they use at work, although they do have a place in growth and development. I’m talking about the movies you can get from RedBox or Netflix.

Here’s a list of 20 movies I have found to be powerful in team development. After seeing this, you may have some favorites of your own. By all means, feel free to share your thoughts and how your movie choices reflect great teamwork. Many can be used for leadership development as well. This list is in no particular order.

  • Remember the Titans – One of the best movies to illustrate community spirit
  • Iron Will – Shows the spirit between different types of team members.
  • Braveheart – This movie illustrates that teamwork comes in many different avenues.
  • Ocean’s 11 – Evidence that teamwork does not have to be a legal adventure.
  • Drum Line – You cannot be a superstar and be a part of a great team.
  • Tuskegee Airmen – How some teams have greater obstacles and can overcome them and why some just cannot.
  • Eight Below – We can learn a lot from dogs.
  • Coach Carter – Integrity makes teams work – great team leaders make tough decisions.
  • Hoosiers – Don’t give up on your team members and that includes the leaders.
  • Rudy – The last 20 minutes are all about teamwork and the community spirit.
  • The Sting – Getting the right people on the team makes all of the difference.
  • We Were Soldiers – Evidence that even the leaders are team members.
  • Twelve O’clock High – proof that the right leader in the right place can make a great team.
  • Miracle – The absolute best for recognizing the stages of team development.
  • The Last Castle – Evidence that the right person can influence even the worst of team members.
  • Grid Iron Gang – One of the best to illustrate the community spirit and why it is necessary on every team.
  • Take the Lead – Tremendous in recognizing the power of everyone on the team and it’s not a sports movie.
  • The Green Berets – Evidence of what can happen with the right people on the right team at the right time.
  • Apollo 13 – Phenomenal at showing how team members can overcome adversity.
  • Glory Road – Why leaders are so important in believing in the team and why recognition is vital to the team’s success.

Remember, the secret in movies is not just watching for the entertainment value. Take a moment to break down segments of the film and think about how they can be used within your organization.

The movie Miracle is, without a doubt, one of the best examples of how a team goes through the four stages of development and how, ultimately, a spirit of community appears. Herb Brooks (played by Kurt Russell) brings in a new player just a few weeks before the beginning of the 1980 Olympic opening ceremony. The players are upset and the chemistry of the team is compromised. This comes to a head when four team members ask to see Herb and tell him it is not fair. Herb asks why not. One player responds with, “We’re a family.” This is the point that shows Herb he has a solid team that is committed to each other. And, after all, isn’t that what the community spirit is all about?

If you decide to watch a movie to build your office productivity, regardless of the movie, do not just watch the movie – become the facilitator and break the movie down to discuss how it applies to your organization.

Photo by The Conmunity – Pop Culture Geek

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