I’ve been reading a lot about plans for the new year recently and, from a business perspective, the forecast looks fairly bright on the hiring front.

Perhaps your organization is looking to hire someone in the near future. Or maybe you are hoping to find a new position in the new year.

Onboarding is a major part of employee engagement and retention. Regardless of the position, we are all on a team and, on that first day, there is a little bit of a pit in our stomachs; will we be accepted with open arms, or will colleagues shun us?

employee engagement - What was YOUR Onboarding experienceDo you remember what it was like on the first day of your current job? What did your organization, supervisor, or co-workers do to welcome you onto the team? Did they have an onboarding process beyond what was offered by human resources? Did they have a process to welcome you and increase your engagement with others on the team?

I can actually remember my first ‘real job’ out of college. The year was 1979 and I had just obtained my Maryland real estate license. I was hired and began selling real estate for a local Century 21 franchise. After going through the basic training program in the regional offices, I went to my local office, where my boss welcomed me and said, “Welcome aboard, here’s your desk, here’s your business cards, here’s your phone. Good Luck.” He then walked away and I was left there to figure everything else out on my own.

A couple of the other agents in the office came by and introduced themselves to me, but that was about it. There was no significant effort to bring me onto the team and if I did not ask for help, it was not offered. Some might call this the sink or swim method of onboarding a new employee. What do you think?

What stories do you have about beginning a new position?

What Was Your Onboarding Experience?

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