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Phil Strazzula is the founder and director of Select Software Reviews (SSR). Phil’s work focuses on the human resources sector. During my interview with Phil for The Teamwork Advantage podcast, we talked about the dramatic changes that have taken place in companies all over the world recently, and how SSR helps companies build the right team culture, today.

SSR was built around an authentic approach to building your business around your employees. Much of the research and evaluation from the employees of SSR focuses on the growth and development of different software, analyzing different vendors, and providing a picture for companies to provide them the best fit for their needs.

Overcoming the challenges of today’s workforce requires focus. Here are some strategies that you can use to help your team members, or yourself, be more productive:

Do not Disturb”

Block off a time, (i.e., 8AM to 11AM), where you put yourself in a “Do not disturb” mode. Set your phone for “Do not disturb” and place it, face down, on a part of your desk where you can’t see it from the corner of your eye. You may also want to put it in black and white mode so the colors of the screen, don’t draw your attention. Keep your email closed during this time so you won’t be constantly disturbed or distracted.

Find an Accountability Partner

Someone that you can work with to make sure you are both being held accountable for your completing assigned tasks or reaching specific goals.

Within a team, hold each other accountable.

Work Most Where You Work Best

If there’s one thing we’ve learned through 2022 and 2021, it’s that we are all different when it comes to how we work best. For some, the social interaction of being in an office with others around works best. Others are more productive working from home, away from the distractions of their peers.

The three pillars of successful businesses are Teamwork, Leadership, and Culture, or what I call the TLC of Business.

Learning how to understand the differences in each team member; their personalities, beliefs, and motivations, is essential to building a strong team culture.

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