How do you want to be remembered as a team leader? That seems like an odd question, yet the truth is that we carry memories of the people we work with throughout our lives. What do we remember them for? Do we remember them for their ability to turn in reports on time? Or for something more? How many of them could have been the best boss ever?

Grab a sheet of paper and think of the best boss you ever had. Write the name of that boss at the top of the sheet, and below it, write down three things that you feel made them the best boss ever, like this:

BEST BOSS’ NAME: _________________
Why they are the best:
1. ______________________________
2. ______________________________
3. ______________________________

Then, sit back and look at the traits you wrote down that made them a great leader to you. Chances are, you wrote things like:

  • They encouraged me
  • They trusted me
  • They challenged me to be better

best boss everNothing on there about putting the right cover sheet on your reports, right? Rather, the best bosses nurtured and developed you as an employee. They showed you respect, or placed their trust in you to get the job done. You felt you could talk to that boss and give him or her honest feedback about the job being done.

Now, think about how you interact with your team members day-to-day. Could you encourage them more? Do you feel you’ve built a sense of trust with them? Do they respond to a challenge to do better by putting in greater effort? What other positive interactions do you have with the team?

If those interactions aren’t what you want, start working on ways to improve your positive influence. Think about how that great boss of yours gave encouragement. How did that boss give you feedback? How did he or she challenge you in a way that you responded positively?

Then, consider how you interact with the team. After all, we’re individuals and what works for one boss may not come across as well with another boss.

Review and analyze how you interact with team members. This can help in developing better communication with everyone and building a sense of trust among the team.

One Team, One DreamExcerpted from One Team, One Dream by Gregg Gregory

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