I wanted to take a moment to thank the amazing teams at HDI for a job well done with their recent conference in Orlando and subsequent digital event. Having worked with many conferences over the last 15 years, I must say that these events were produced, marketed, and executed exceptionally well. While each group functioned autonomously, everyone collaborated flawlessly. I want to give kudos to everyone on the teams.

THANKS TO THE FOLKS AT HDI!Keynote speeches at the HDI Conference in Orlando ranged from the incredible Lou Holtz, to Joe Calloway, to Connie Podesta and more. With more than 50 breakout sessions on a wide array of topics, learning was foremost with having fun a close second.

On the last day of the four day event, I had the privilege of speaking to over 150 people who attended my session and I must say that the energy in the room was wonderful.

The live event in April was followed up by the HDI Digital Event. This all-day digital event allowed those who may not have been able to attend the live event in Orlando to hear some of the top sessions and enjoy at least a portion of the experience.

My session, People Personalities and the Plague, was offered as a live broadcast during the Digital Event. We had over 250 participants online for one hour and numerous folks in the chat room following the session. It was great to talk with as many of you as I did.

What is fascinating about HDI is that while they are based in Colorado Springs, many employees work remotely across the United States and yet function like they were in the same office day after day. Credit goes to outstanding teamwork and strong leadership.

I look forward to working with the folks at HDI for years to come.