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Gregg's Unique Style

More than 25 years of real world experience has helped Gregg become the dynamic, well-versed Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) he is today. Gregg's captivating, high-energy keynotes, breakouts and training sessions help design collaborative teams that produce tangible, bottom-line results. With Gregg's concepts in place, organizations thrive with a stronger team culture, a more highly energized workforce, compatibility across team lines, and greater profitability.

Gregg works with organizations to improve three vital dimensions: Service, Attitude and Teamwork."

Just like Cold Stone Creamery, Gregg specializes in 'Creations' that begin with just a few core 'flavors': Service, attitude and teamwork, three elements at the core of every organization's culture. He then offers "mix-ins" to customize each event to the specific needs and challenges of your organization, as well as your desired audience; whether it be the executive board, senior leaders, mid-level managers and supervisors, or front-line employees.

Through anecdotes, humor, inspiration, and real-life narratives, Gregg's keynotes are designed to recharge the batteries within your organization, build trust and morale, and create a workplace where everyone plays nicely in the sandbox. Your audience will be engaged and focused from start to finish, motivated to help build a team culture that thrives via trust, collaboration, and compatibility.

Gregg's intensive, interactive training workshops are real, 'roll up your sleeves, get into the mix' workshops designed to effect change and create an environment free of negativity, one that cultivates productivity, positive communication, and mutual accountability.

Prepare to address your challenges head on, as Gregg delivers strategies that are vital to organizational development, growth and profitability.

Is your organization stuck in a rut? Do your employees work as individuals without a common goal? Does productivity lag as the day drags on? Well, stop this cycle! When your employees collaborate, communicate and function as a team, productivity and office happiness reach new heights. From senior leaders to front line workers, everyone is a part of the team. Get your team together for a team building experience from Gregg Gregory. Two types of engagements:

  • Keynote Speech — Gregg motivates and trains attendees to create better teams in the workplace, increasing efficiency and employee happiness.
  • Team Training Sessions — Directly involving attendees, these interactive sessions are either 90 minutes, half day or full day in length.

Gregg Gregory is an experienced Certified Speaking Professional specializing in the development of teams. Book Gregg today and get your teams rocking!

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About Gregg Gregory, CSP

With more than 1,500 speaking events under his belt, Gregg Gregory is the team-building mastermind America needs today. His client list of over 400 companies and associations oozes experience and assurance that Gregg's thought-provoking insight is what your organization needs to produce the results you want.

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Gregg Gregory, Certifited Speaking Professional (CSP) works with, and speaks to, organizations that are looking to create a culture where people work together better, perform at peak levels and play nice in the sandbox.
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